The WDiamond is your validator's NFT. There are 1500 in existence, and the creator's address is erd1aw5u9z9r6zgke3hslx68mzxngfk3ntru8qc6sca455jkmy9smt2qxlurwz. By default, rewards are automatically staked to increase future gains and secure the network. There are two types of WDiamond:

-WDiamond Gold: There are 100

-WDiamond Green: There are 1400


Stake NFTs:

Swap EDIA-60b86f: Xexchange

Wavenode Nodes:

SP Address:

Tresor eDIA address:

Token owner address (Owner of eDIA earn by nfts):

Burn Address: erd1uxqsu6pjf760s0rqry57wlctpy75jutk0czhzz3t07xtxnh75egs4c73j0

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